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Upcoming 2024 Fashion Trend Forecast: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

by Daria Blaire

As the crisp winter air fades away, fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the blooming season of spring and the vibrant energy it brings to the world of fashion. 

The layered jackets and jumpers disappear to reveal cami tops, blouses, and midi skirts. In just a few months, everything from runways to streets will turn into a delightful blend of bold patterns, extravagant colours, and a fusion of textures and shapes that is forecast to become the statement pieces this spring-summer season.

Florals in Full Bloom

Annually, florals become the "it girl" every season, and they are set to blossom once again in 2024.

Designers like Banke Kuku and Merve Bayindir are reimagining this classic trend with oversized blossoms, abstract interpretations, and a fusion of vibrant hues.

Merve Bayindir

The florals vary in shapes, sizes, and colours. From overlapping patterns to simple standalones, each designer found a unique way to present their collection this year in the forms of clothes, shoes, and accessories, so expect to see a lot of delightful arrays of classic flowers as well as tropical motifs adding a fresh, organic feel to outfits.

Designer Avita Sharma from TWO POINT TWO fused Japanese aesthetics with Western techniques and styles, creating unique pieces that tell a story and stand out.

Neutrals vs. Bright Colours: Clash or Coexist?

The debate between two spring aesthetics: cottagecore garden neutrals vs extravagantly vibrant colours and harmony this season. Fashion enthusiasts are encouraged to compose outfits using both ends of the spectrum, the subtlety of neutrals with the vivacity of bright colours, to contrast and emphasise each piece. This creates an eye-catching balanced blend that speaks of understated sophistication.


However, to truly embrace the cheerful spirit to welcome the warmer months, vivid and bold colours will dominate the fashion scene.

A kaleidoscope of hues including electric blues, sunny yellows, and rosy pinks will become the go-to this season. The key is to be daring and confident when experimenting with colour combinations. The clothes that exude positivity and radiance are likely to attract that energy in the spring-summer season.

Spirals and Line Work

This season, texture is an infusion of wild shapes like spirals and hypnotising line work. Fashion houses are adding depth and visual interest to outfits by exploring unconventional patterns and tactile elements. BRVN by Bravian is expected to reconnect the relation between wild patterns and simple pieces through line work and intriguing colour combinations.

Expect to see garments featuring intricate spirals, asymmetrical lines, and geometric patterns, adding an avant-garde touch to clothing designs that create an illusion of movement throughout the collections this season.

Satin: Luxurious Elegance

Satin and other shiny fabrics continue to be the go-to for adding a dash of luxury into fashion pieces. They exude finesse and look fantastic on a variety of garments, including tailored suits and slip dresses.

Banke Kuku

Satin’s versatility makes it appropriate for relaxed daytime use as well as elegant evening ensembles, making it a summer wardrobe must-have. Moushe Designs take over the simple elegance of evening gowns as well as more everyday tops and jewellery pieces.

Sharp and Organic Accessories

When it comes to accessorising, contrast is everything. Scarves and belts create flowing, organic shapes that contrast the sharp, rigid accessories like angular bags and geometric jewellery.

Assembling a fascinating dynamic between sharpness and fluidity helps elevate even the simplest of outfits.

Rues and Lace: Romantic Flair

This season is forecast to see the reemergence of ruffles and lace in everyday garments as well as more dressed-up styles. These whimsical elements add a touch of femininity and softness to attire, making them the perfect finishing touch in a spring-summer outfit.


Whether it's a ruffled blouse with '90s flared jeans or a basic tank top with a lace-trimmed skirt, these intricate details bring an ethereal charm to the fashion landscape.

The brand JUNNA has definitely taken this into consideration when creating their collection. From mermaid-style dresses to waves of ruffles and sheer fabric, this launch might be a closet must-have this upcoming season. The simple ‘romantic meets modern’ touch can make a significant change in this season’s wardrobe.

Euphoric Iridescent Styles and Sheer Layering

Sheer fabrics, layered ensembles, and the new trends of iridescent materials intrigue fashion experts and enthusiasts. Whether it's layered skirts or translucent dresses, the artful play of revealing and concealing pieces of material adds depth and dimension to outfits, creating a sense of allure.

Banke Kuku

Delicate sheers and mesh fabrics are skillfully layered to add charm without revealing too much, creating fascination with this season’s fashion. Euphoric and iridescent styles add a celestial touch; the shimmering fabrics and holographic accents evoke a sense of enchantment and mesmerisation.


Garments that move with grace and fluidity create interesting and eye-catching designs. Flowy silhouettes and billowy fabrics accentuate movement and dominate runways and street styles alike. By amplifying this sense of movement, giving an airy and effortless feel to the garments, the pieces allow wearers to feel liberated and effortlessly chic.

GR London Paris

Spring-summer fashion trends for 2024 bring an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, textures, and styles for every aesthetic. As we move away from shoe-horning ourselves into one style, embrace this season by experimenting with these trends to curate a personal wardrobe that reflects a unique sense of style and celebrates the carefree essence of spring and summer.

Edited by Emily Duff

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