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Falling in Love with Your Life

by Isabel Butler

For the past four years, TikTok has seen users promote appreciating “life’s little things” and cherishing everyday activities. Videos have consumed our FYP (For You Page), showing creators “romanticising” their lives - a must do this Valentine’s Day.


To ‘romanticise’ means to “deal with something in an idealised or unrealistic fashion,” essentially viewing life through rose-tinted glasses. 


Try to see yourself as the main character of your story. With an abundance of Spotify playlists with titles like “my life is a movie,” look to the little things to begin loving your life. 

We consume so many scenes of the ‘frazzled English women’ RomCom style characters just going about their day-to-day, like the hop in Carrie Bradshaw’s walk or the iconic montage’s in The Devil Wears Prada of getting dressed in the morning or running around the city for work - so why not see those things in our lives the same way?


As Valentine's Day approaches, I wanted to think of four different ways to fall in love with life, guaranteeing you celebrate romance come February 14th. 

From routines and fashion to food, drinks and activities, there are many ways to bring a little magic into your life. 


1. Fashion


As it is February, and Valentine's Day is only around the corner, many brands are promoting their ‘lover era’ collections. Love is stereotypically connected with pink and red, two huge colours in the fashion industry right now.


Oh Polly recently brought out a collection full of romantic hues and accents; “The Heartbreaker Edit.” The line is full of garments ranging from mini to maxi dresses with heart silhouette cutouts and cup detailing.


Alaia is feeding our heart-shaped obsession also by providing us with the perfect across-the-body bag, ideal for date night.


Obviously, everyone has different fashion styles. Romanticising your life through clothes doesn’t have to be pink, red and heart-shaped. All it needs to be is something comfortable, making you feel confident and put together, allowing you to become the best version of yourself.


2. Routine


When it comes to romanticising your life, routines are key - both morning and night. Ensure that you’re leaving enough time at each end of the day to dedicate to yourself.


Beginning with a morning routine. By getting up half an hour earlier not only are you getting more out of your day, but you also then have time to part take in something you enjoy before leaving for work, school or whatever it is you have planned.


This could be a vanilla latte with a brand new book, or a glass of iced water and some morning stretches to slowly wake up the body. Even if this means staying in bed but switching on your lamp, grabbing your phone, and catching up with what happened overnight. 


Another important factor would be breakfast. Food is fuel. Make sure you have time for a healthy, filling meal before leaving the house.


Evening routines are just as important, winding down, washing the day off, and shutting down the mind. As they say, tidy life, tidy mind. Ensure your space is clean and decluttered before lighting a candle and having an hour to yourself to remove makeup, pop on your comfies, moisturize etc…


Reflection on the day in a journal or even just in your head will help you recognize life’s simple pleasures.


3. Food and Drink


Everything tastes better off of a cute plate or out of an elegant glass. The diet coke you're having with dinner? Drink it from a wine glass, add ice and lemon and enjoy the elevated version of your favourite drink. Toast off of a pink floral plate is going to taste SO much better. Trust me.

To romanticise your life means to fall in love with little details of every day. Going that extra mile means that mundane tasks such as cooking and cleaning can become a little bit more magical.


4. Activities


Another way to romanticize everyday tasks would be to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. This could be through a range of different ways such as attending a gym class or taking yourself on a solo date to a local café.


Solo dates are becoming increasingly popular and we’re seeing influencers such as Mark Ferris removing the stigma of being out on your own. If you’re someone who tends to feel awkward in situations alone, try venturing out with a cap or earphones to help you feel more secure.

One hobby beneficial for both the mind and body is yoga. Many gyms host classes where you can join a community and work on yourself. As an alternative, there is a selection of great videos available on YouTube for free.


Reading is another trend currently on TikTok and is a great hobby to help keep you off of your phone or computer. Limiting screen time is definitely in for 2024.


So, in preparation for Valentine's Day 2024, fall in love with life. There are several other ways to romanticise everyday tasks, some might work better for you than others. At the end of the day, you don’t need expensive aesthetic plates, one million friends or this season's hottest dress. Surround yourself with those good for you, laugh at any chance you get, and romanticise YOUR life’s little things.


Oh... and treat yourself now and again, though I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that.


Edited by Emily Duff

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