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Fashion Scout Presented the Future of Chinese Designers at London Fashion Week

by Yuan-Yuan Watkis

Presenting AFMN, CHIYUE, E7W STUDIIO, LADECENTE, and GORGIYA, Fashion Scout brought the future of Chinese Designers to London Fashion Week attendees. 


With its creative use of negative space and heart-shaped motifs woven across the runway, AFMN's collection captivated onlookers. The sculptures' architectural lines were emphasized by the minimalist colour scheme, and their juxtaposition between soft and hard materials gave them depth. Ophelia Song's avant-garde designs demonstrated a current sensibility with clean lines and subtle sophistication, skilfully fusing spontaneity, and elegance.

The collection's unique quality was its capacity to arouse feelings through minimalism. Viewers were encouraged to investigate the dynamic interaction between structure and fluidity as each outfit conveyed a different message. AFMN's collection was a lesson in balance and proportion, with sleek forms and expansive shapes that redefined modern design.



GORGIYA cast a spell of enchantment over spectators with a collection that shimmered and sparkled under the runway lights. Every design exhibited Guo Yuan Yuan's flair for drama and whimsy, conveying a feeling of romanticism and ethereal beauty. Remarkable items, like a dainty baby pink dress with an iridescent rose appliqué, swept spectators away into a fantastical setting.

The collection's enduring appeal was demonstrated by its capacity to arouse feelings of fantasy and nostalgia. Every item, from quirky accessories to fairytale-inspired gowns, exuded a whimsical and dreamy quality that captured the imagination. The collection by GORGIYA was an ode to femininity and romance.



LADECENTE's collection was a stunning show of movement and grace, with garments that appeared to flutter and sway like feathers in the wind. Rae Lei's aptitude for combining artistry and sustainability was on full display, with each piece expressing the brand's dedication to ethical fashion. The contrast between hard textures and delicate drapery added depth and complexity to the collection.


The collection's emphasis on movement and fluidity was a powerful reminder of fashion's potential to inspire and empower. Each garment appeared to move independently, as if guided by an unseen power. The LADECENTE series honoured nature's beauty as well as design's ability to elicit emotion and transcend boundaries.



CHIYUE's collection was bold, with fur trimmed black boots and sharp orange slashes that commanded attention on the runway. Pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, Chiyue's fearless approach to design offered a fresh perspective on the current style. The revival of the fur, which added a touch of glamour and luxury to the runway, triggered discussions about the evolution of the fashion industry.

A visual contrast between black and orange was presented, while the flowing motion of fabrics gave a sense of drama and dynamism to all looks. The CHIYUE collection was a celebration of individuality and self-expression, encouraging the viewer to embrace his or her own distinctive style with confidence and creativity.



With a splash of vivid red and blue hues, E7WSTUDIIO electrified the runway and gave traditional textiles a futuristic twist with their tie-dye designs. Yiki Wung's collection was both contemporary and classic because to her skilful blending of eastern and western inspirations. Each outfit was given depth and whimsy by the rich patterns and variety of hues, which provided a visual feast and a celebration of individuality.

The audience was enchanted by the collection's immersive visual experience, which featured individual garments that each told a distinct tale. E7WSTUDIIO's collection, which featured fitted coats and flowing trench coats, encouraged viewers to embrace their individual sense of style with confidence and flare. 

Edited by Emily Duff

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