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The Unexpected Relationship Between Pancakes and Fashion

by Emily Duff

Pancakes and fashion might seem like an unlikely pair, but over the years, the culinary world and the runway have shared a surprising connection. 

From 1950's extravagant pancake hats to designer pancakes, let's explore the intersection of these two seemingly unrelated realms.

1950’s Pancake Hats

After WWII, hats faced a decline in popularity. Many women no longer looked to them as a go-to accessory meaning the millinery industry had to get creative. 

Their response was to go OTT, introducing the extravagant "pancake" hat, a wide-brimmed and flat look, that complimented short hairstyles and opposed typical close-to-the-head hats.

Pancake Bag

Rommy de Bommy's “blueberry pancake purse” went viral in 2016, making waves with their intricate details. The Netherlands-based designer's handcrafted bags makes 100% handmade designs, boasting how “every single detail is shaped/painted with my hands” and “no moulds are used during the process.”

Designer Pancakes

Food is often utilised by designers most iconic marketing - just look at Burberry’s current event in Harrods, London that’s handing out Kendall Mint Cake.

As part of a Christmas 2023 pop-up event, “Dior Garden of Dreams” sold 3 types of classic crepes, including Chocolate, in Tokyo. 

You can easily recreate this luxury at home on Pancake Day with a logo stencil, food colouring pens (or just icing sugar), and your favorite pancake mix!

IHOP’s Clothing Line

As part of IHOP's 60 Days of Giving campaign, pancakes and fashion intersected to raise money for charity. 

In 2018, during both their 60th anniversary and Fashion Month, IHOP tested the waters of fashion. The line, which the pancake restaurant chain dubbed as “PancakeWear,” featured both adult and child-sized clothing with images of syrup-drenched flapjacks, bacon, eggs, and IHOP coffee mugs. 

Sex and the City Season 6 Episode 13

On the topic of IHOP, this episode saw Carrie candidly discussing having pancakes there with Aleksandr Petrovsky.

While the conversation wasn’t necessarily fashionable, with quotes from Samantha including “…you gotta give it to him, making pancakes for pussy,” both characters are known for their looks - and this episode certainly didn’t disappoint. 

From scandalously huge hats to charitable pancake fashion, there’s a delightful relationship between pancakes and fashion. Whether you have your pancakes with Nutella or Syrup this Pancake Day, it doesn’t have to distract you from current Fashion Week season!

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