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Lets Talk About the Missguided Rebrand Pairing “Shein” With “Luxury”

by Jess Clark 

Missguided have rebranded, boasting “the look of luxury” and basing their imagery on high fashion style editorials. 

While being nothing new, their imagery is constantly seen in the fashion industry, their obvious ties to Shein also majorly contradict this new branding. 

With Shein being one of only two accounts they follow, the other being their founder, their bio also links directly to Missguided’s page on the Shein website. Not exactly presenting as “luxury.”

Although, their connection isn’t a surprise. In late October 2023, the Missguided brand was purchased by Shein. 

This came a year after the brand was initially bought by Frasers Group for £20 million in June 2022 after Missguided had acquired debts of over £80m. 

Shein then bought Missguided from Frasers Group for an undisclosed fee, with the executive chair of Shein, Donald Tang, saying that the brand sought to “reignite the Missguided brand, capitalising on its unique brand personality.” 

The recent Missguided posts on the social media platform Instagram are incredibly minimalistic with a focus on basic clothing items such as T shirts and underwear.

Throughout their posts, which began being uploaded on March 1st and currently total to 49 images, “The New Missguided” is repeatedly seen in their captions. 

The Instagram biography for Missguided reads “Creating the look of luxury, for those that make an occasion out of every outfit,” with a statement that their new website will be launching soon, and a link to the Missguided page that is on the Shein website currently. 

Here, you can purchase Missguided items as seen on their social media platforms, whilst waiting for their new website to launch. 

Remaining muted in this rebrand, with white, black, and grey dominating the shade palettes, each image mainly features block colours between the odd leopard print and minimal blue denim. 

Some of their recent Instagram posts (posted Monday 18th Mar) focus on “The New Missguided Essentials,” and present a black tank top, sheer bra, and subtly embellished jeans.  

Missguided is a brand that has been struggling to stay afloat, and this rebrand will break away from their previous advertising tactics and enable them to appeal to new customers while potentially also bringing old customers back through the emphasis on luxurious fashion and clothing. 

Circling back to the statement in their instagram bio, that they are in the process of creating a new website, is important to consider but it takes away from the rebrand in the mean time. Presumably a way of generating buzz, it’s disappointing to see brands step away from failure only to evaluate the brand and decide to make it even cheaper, with items on their Shein site currently around £3-20, all under the guise of “luxury.”

Edited by Emily Duff

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