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This Year is All About Bags, PHERAHS Bags

by Jess Clark 

IT Girls online have declared handbags the trendiest accessory of 2024. And PHERAHS have come through with their latest selection. 

The first thing that’s obvious, their focus on neutral tones paired with sunset colours think pink, yellow, and some blue.

Neutral tones, in the home and fashion more widely have been on the increase. In fact temporary wallpaper company (popular with design-focused renters), Tempaper & co, have also been leaning into this through their description of “timeless neutrals.”

Neutrals are simple, elegant, a colour set that can be paired easily with a variety of tones, and can fit with a variety of styles and outfits.

Burnt orange is also a trending colour that has been seen a lot within the fashion sphere more recently.

This follows on from the Pantone Spring Summer 2023 fashion show where a similar shade of red was depicted widely, and is seen within this PHERAHS collection.

Furthermore, buckles as an embellishment in fashion have also begun to return, and are usually a neutral colour themselves. The metallic element of the buckle adds a level of luxury and practicality as part of the wider design of the bag.

The neutral colours which dominate in this collection also lend to the quiet luxury trend that has been of significance in the last couple of years, and has been popularised by Sofia Richie and other celebrities.

PHERAHS is a “designer brand of contemporary bags and scarves, inspired by art and history”, the brand was created by art collector Ferah Sanack, with the brand’s emphasis on designer accessories elevating any outfit.

A lot of the art and historic focus from the brand is on ancient Turkey and their Spring/Summer 2024 collection in particular is focused on the Oghuz Turks. They were a group of Turkish people who are of huge significance, and were formed in the 8th Century.

Their impact on culture and connection to Turkish people who descended from the Oghuz Turks would find this collection incredibly appealing.

Sancak also emphasises the importance of female empowerment, and this can be seen throughout these images due to the focus on strong women in a variety of settings.

PHERAHS intentions are wonderfully clear here. You can see a variety of implied inspirations from art and history.

A handbag is also an essential accessory, that is a practical tool, as well as an item that can bring an outfit together in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings.

The neutrality depicted here enables the customer to continue the timeless trend of neutrals, and invest in quiet luxury if they choose to do so.

In an environment where many are making efforts to be more sustainable, these bags are versatile, and this is one of the key aims of PHERAHS as a brand.

PHERAHS understands the context in which this collection is being created incredibly well.

These items, when purchased, will have a long lasting place in the wardrobes of many, and are almost reminiscent of the Birkin bag, and what Jane Birkin intended for the bag to be used for, but in a more modern context.

Although this is not a direct link to the history and inspiration behind the brand, it shows the intentions and policy surrounding sustainability, and how the legacy of Jane Birkin continues to live on.

This clearly demonstrates the timeless elements of the handbag, and how they can mean so much more than a simple fashion item.

Edited by Emily Duff

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