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Fashion is Finally Embracing Florals Again

by Ana Reitz

This season, many brands have gone back to incorporating prints into their summer lines. And most prominent for spring… was florals. 

As a society we seem to have a love-hate relationship with botanical fashion. We’re always switching between avoiding the cliche so much it disappears from all clothing to plastering it everywhere. 

Due to the season’s association with new beginnings and blooming flowers, it always makes sense they remain the symbol of springtime. 

But after a mourning period post-Miranda Priestly, the critical fashion editor in The Devil Wears Prada who sarcastically questioned our use of the floral motif, its finally ready for a comeback. 

Evidenced in recent collections from Vera Wang’s Spring 2024 ready-to-wear to Zuhair Murad’s Spring 2024 Couture. 

The latest collection from Nigerian label, Banke Kuku, titled Eden, features various floral prints in elegant luxury loungewear.

The sophisticated silk long dresses captivate fashionistas with their diverse lengths, prints, colors, and styles, which can be mixed and matched to create endless allure. 

From leaves to alliums, this lavish compilation captures a vast landscape, creating impactful and captivating pieces perfect for spring and summer style. 

Amazing and amusing with vivid hues, bright patterns, the label also shows that florals are not only relevant in the warmer seasons. 

The label’s trick to unite florals and winter lies in the choice of colour. In those times where the cold wind bothers and the rain frightens, Wintertime is useless without blue.

Often associated with the cold weather, blue arises as an essential colour for use in the season, and the Nigerian label has fully embraced the alluring hue in some pieces of its latest collection. 

Eden isn't just meant for the vivacious periods, but there is some space in it for the autumn and winter times as well.

Exuding sophistication and charm, the collection offers a range of sapphire blue gowns that radiate elegance,sophistication, glamour and sparkle. Its deep tone adds a touch of refinement while capturing the serene essence of the winter scenery.

But, it is not just the colour that captivates - its various kinds of floral patterns, when combined with the sapphire shade, that enhance the entire visual. 

Now that we’re back to wearing florals, if you like some colour, you have plenty of options.

Edited by Emily Duff

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