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For Our Fourth Birthday, We Want You To Help Free Palestine

Today, Darling turns 4!

And while we’re definitely excited, we wanted to turn our attention to a far more important cause. 

Last year we celebrated with a panel talk covering sustainability, diversity, and inclusion in the fashion industry, but this year it’s crucial that we all be paying attention to the ongoing suffering in Palestine. 

We know times are tricky financially, so below you can find a range of resources from petitions and extra information to rallys near you and where to donate. 

We’d also urge you to go to your local student campout to make your support known and, if possible, provide any resources that will aid the young people - typically this includes supplies for banner making such as poster boards and gaffer tape, as well as essentials like water, sticky notes to label food, and tampons. 

Petitions to sign:

Demand a ceasefire by all parties to end civilian suffering -

Open Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel -

End the Oppression of Palestinians in Palestine -

Stop Arming Isreal -

Create a Palestinian Visa Scheme -

Resources to read:

Did my MP vote for a Ceasefire? 

The Danger of Staying Neutral

Apartheid off campus  

Protests Happening Across Britain

Rallies to join:

May 12th - Day of Action

May 15th - Workplace Day of Action 

May 18th - London March

Actions to take:

Free Printout -

Write to your MP -

Write to Barclays -

Write to the Foreign Office -

Things to Boycott:

The Eurovision (tonight, May 11th)

Israeli dates -

Barclays -




Burger King

Papa Johns

Pizza Hut 

For more information

Causes to fund:

Palestine Solidarity Campaign  


UNICEF Gaza Emergency Fund 

Palestine Red Crescent Society

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