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Lisbon Is Disrupting Fashion Week by Prioritising Sustainability and Looking Good Whilst Doing It

by Sadia Khan

ModaLisboa wrapped up showcasing its Autumn and Winter collection last month, setting a high standard for future fashion shows to catch up to.

Fashion has had its ups and downs for centuries; with problems like fast fashion and extreme consumerism arising over the past years, it has become essential for designers to consider making changes as they release new pieces. 

Lisbon focuses on moving forward from this issue and ensuring that fashion and modern-day problems go hand in hand with a solution to the problem. 

For a beautiful city that embraces its people, the residents must do good by caring for their area while holding onto their love for fashion and its future. 

Portugal’s rich textile history pushes sustainability for the future in its design, acting as a driving force for ecological and ethical change in Europe. ‘Made in Portugal’ is a tag known for its outstanding quality and authenticity. 

In the next few years, this will also mean the items we wear are being made with environmental factors as the main priority.

ModaLisboa has been an ally to many young designers as well as established designers to showcase their work, and with this message in mind, designers have found new angles to portray the work they love.

The designs created are not only sustainable but fashionable and unique.

These are some of our favourites from the show.


‘Dream’ showcases a unique design that combines an ethereal atmosphere to make dreams a reality. Within each outfit, the flamingo is an essential part that stands out and emphasises the beauty and balance in fashion. With the chaos in the fashion world, balance is needed

for new designers and their work. For many future designs, balance is taken into significant consideration, allowing clothes to be ecologically friendly and maintaining a stylish look. 

Carvalho combines this with a beautiful zebra pattern, using their black and white stripes to emphasise the dualities in life and, in this particular case, fashion. The good and the evil go hand in hand. However, in due time, we know that change will happen and good will overcome.


The iconic collaboration between Porches and Paatiff is one for the books. They created an extraordinary collection that blends technology and fashion and is made for everyone. 

These pieces used Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the primary source of design-making. This prototype reduces the use of textile waste and promotes sustainability in the process of making a design, as all the finishing

details are complete before textile designs even start. The collection’s main focus was denim wear.

Any form of denim has been a staple in all of our wardrobes over the last decade; however, the production of this material has been tremendous in participating in the planet’s destruction. Using AI and technology, especially for denim wear, significantly reduces harmful textile production and paves the way for many designers to follow a similar path.


In these challenging times, visibility of Ukrainian fashion brands allows them the opportunity to gain international markets. Omelia presents a dark palette of colours consisting of blacks and blues, yet each outfit has a standout point. 

Whether this is pairing a silver arm cover or a massive flower as a top, it all holds the same message and significance. The design “reflects the modern reality where every day brings uncertainty and anxiety”. Living in a world where you are in a constant state of fear is something many of us will not understand, let alone experience. 

Although, with works like this, we can gain some understanding of what those around us are going through. This is the importance of the creative world and its impact on our lives.

Edited by Emily Duff

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