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Romm Navigates Heartbreak with 'This Kinda Love'

by Josie Reaney

With her new single, ‘This Kinda Love,’ set to release on Friday (May 17th), Newcastle based singer-songwriter Romm navigates her way out of a toxic relationship revealing reflections of self-worth and vulnerability in the process. 

Lucky enough to get an early play, intentionally I initially listened with no context, something I don’t think I’ve done before. I had no background or back catalogue; I couldn’t even put a face to the music. All I had was her voice. 

I immediately found myself caught off guard by such clear, confident vocals and earnest lyrics, wondering why I hadn’t heard her music sooner. 

Romm is a pop and R&B artist making her name on the music scene by performing jazzy sets at open mic nights and releasing covers on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. 

Her discography includes the likes of Amy Winehouse and Rihanna, but her own lyrics echo the poetry of Adele with the punch of Beyoncé. She’s laying her musical foundations on rich grounds of inspiration! 

It was a Winehouse cover which first caught my attention. Filmed at an open mic in Barcelona, Romm attunes herself to the musicians comfortably and her presence on the stage is self assured and cool - she knows that’s exactly where she’s meant to be.

It is with this same confidence that Romm executes her original songs, with her earlier tracks ‘Home’ and ‘Hold You Close’ proving to be exceptionally polished for an emerging artist. 

These songs narrate a happy relationship, as told dreamily by a woman in love. Her lyrics fall over love struck cliches of feeling at home with her lover, and staying up talking for hours and hours. These songs look to a pastel pink romance set under blue skies. But with ‘This Kinda Love,’ the illusion has been shattered. 

The single is a soulful piano balled. Romm seems to have penned the lyrics in a state of vulnerability and hurt but above this, her self- worth always remained. Her vocals rise to the chorus as she asks “I don’t know why you don’t call me no more/ The songs that we sang don’t mean nothing at all,” reflecting painfully on the breakdown of her relationship.

There is a push and pull of inner dialogue, lost in the memories which are now empty yet still so raw. But she never fails to come back to herself, reassured in knowing that “I’ll always put myself first.”

You can almost hear her laugh as shebrushes off her ex with the line; “Precious- you think I’m jealous?” - a shrugging indifference that could give a nail filing, eye rolling Sasha Fierce a run for her money!

The track builds to its ending, as violins and vocal harmonies are layered together, rich and elegant in their production.

Ultimately, the song is a tale of heartbreak, but it won’t last for long. Vulnerability is a strength - especially if you’re a songwriter! 

Her heartache is played out to the piano without a wince of hesitation, it seems to be a natural form of catharsis for her. In spite of the hurt, there are constant reminders that her relationship with herself will always be the priority. And love sick wallowing will only be of detriment to that. 

Edited by Emily Duff


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