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Tammam’s Plea Against Ecocide at London Fashion Week

by Emily Duff

Right at the beginning of London Fashion Week 2024, Tammam, a sustainable British couture fashion label, celebrated its latest creation at the Royal Geographical Society. 

One Dress - PLANET is a groundbreaking concept that aligns fashion with environmental advocacy. In partnership with Stop Ecocide International (SEI), this collaborative couture project charts the evolution of a single gown over two seasons, showcasing the beauty of slow fashion as a viable business model and aspirational product.

At the core of this innovative venture is SEI, a formidable force propelling the global movement to criminalise ecocide. Tammam's One Dress - PLANET embodies exquisite craftsmanship and reflects a profound commitment to environmental responsibility. The intricacies of the dress will narrate a compelling story, mirroring SEI's mission to make ecocide an international crime.

The Direct’s Gallery becomes the canvas for this sartorial masterpiece, providing a captivating backdrop until the 23rd of April. Here, designer Lucy Tammam unveils a mesmerizing collaboration with the European Space Agency, featuring a collection of both ready-to-wear scarves and couture gowns. These garments showcase prints capturing breathtaking imagery from space, highlighting areas on Earth profoundly affected by climate change.

The Royal Geographical Society, a venerable institution housing over a million historical maps, charts, and atlases, partners with Tammam in hosting this remarkable show. This collaboration delves into the heart of climate change's impact on our planet, using visuals derived from space and complemented by historical maps. The RGS has meticulously selected reference maps from its extensive archives, aligning them with the scarf designs to create a powerful exhibition that goes beyond fashion.

Lucy Tammam's vision extends beyond the runway, as each piece serves as a powerful symbol of environmental consciousness. By fusing the worlds of fashion and environmental advocacy, Tammam challenges industry norms, demonstrating that style and sustainability can coexist seamlessly.

As fashion enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike converge at LFW 2024, Tammam's One Dress - PLANET beckons them to join a movement where couture becomes a vessel for change. This is not merely a fashion statement; it's a statement for our planet. The collaboration with SEI and the visual representation of climate change by the European Space Agency and The Royal Geographical Society amplify the impact, turning this collection into a catalyst for global awareness.

In a world where fashion often finds itself at the crossroads of art and commerce, Tammam boldly forges a new path. The runway becomes a platform for a sustainable future, where each stitch tells a story and each garment carries the weight of a planet's plea for preservation.

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